Can You Drink Vodka on a Diet?

Can You Drink Vodka on a Diet?

Can you drink vodka on a diet? Most people believe that drinking alcohol is absolutely inappropriate when struggling to lose weight. In fact, it’s not exactly true. You can still enjoy alcoholic beverages if you do it in the right way...
Congeners Whiskey Bar

What Are Congeners and How Do They Affect Hangovers?

Congeners are impurities produced during the fermentation process...

Hangover IV Drip

Can you cure a hangover with an IV drip?

Vitamin IV drip treatments have been growing in popularity with pictures of hungover partiers hooked up to an IV bag with a needle in their arm. What was once a treatment limited to the doctor’s office you can now find being administered in spas, buses, and even directly delivered to your home or hotel. But how effective are these treatments when it comes to curing hangovers..
Hangover Patch Cocktails

What Are Hangover Patches and Do They Really Work?

We consulted Dr. Bethany Sanstrum, who holds a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology to see if these hangover patches really do what they claim. Here’s what she had to say...