the first area of the brain alcohol affects

Once alcohol is consumed, it is quickly absorbed by the body. Doctors say that alcohol gets to the brain within 5 minutes after you drink it. Have you ever thought about how alcohol can influence your brain?

Drinking in Moderation is Key

It’s well-known that alcohol affects people differently. The reaction people have to alcohol depends on a variety of factors.

If you want to know what a safe amount of alcohol to consume is for you, try to answer the following questions. How much and how often do you usually drink? At what age did you start drinking? What is your general health status?

Moderate drinkers have less to worry about. However, heavy drinkers may suffer severe consequences from uncontrolled alcohol consumption.

There is no doubt that alcohol can affect the brain, causing slurred speech, difficulty walking, impaired memory, blurred vision, and others.

Did you know that the cerebral cortex is the first area on the brain that’s affected by excessive alcohol use?

The Cerebral Cortex Is the First Area of the Brain That Is Affected by Alcohol

The cerebral cortex is one of the most important parts of the human brain. It is a thin layer that covers the cerebrum. This layer of the brain is known to be gray matter. The cerebral cortex performs extremely important functions in the human body.

This part of the brain is responsible for processing information, planning and organization, and determining intelligence and personality. This brain area plays a key role in memory, perception, attention, thought, consciousness, and language. And what happens to the cerebral cortex when you start drinking alcohol?

Alcohol Has a Profound Impact on the Cerebral Cortex

When alcohol gets into your body, it reaches the brain within several minutes. The cerebral cortex reacts immediately to alcohol intake. Alcohol slows down this part of the brain.

You have probably noticed that only a few sips of alcohol make you more confident and very talkative. But, alcohol leads to poor judgment and makes you less sensitive to pain.

Severe Drinking is Linked to Reduced Cortical Thickness in the Brain

A scientific study has shown that heavy drinking causes serious damage to the brain. In this study, the cortical thickness measurements were used. The researchers have found out that the most damage is done to the temporal and frontal cortex areas.

Other Areas of the Brain Affected by Alcohol

If you keep drinking, the cerebellum and hypothalamus will be the next regions of the brain affected by alcohol. The cerebellum is responsible for awareness, coordination and thoughts.

When alcohol reaches this part of your brain, you may experience problems with these skills. Your hands will shake. Driving a car will become almost impossible and very dangerous.

The hypothalamus is another important part of the human brain. It is also involved in a wide variety of important functions and can be disrupted by alcohol.

Keep in mind that drinking alcohol for a an extended period of time can significantly impair brain function. Drink alcohol safely in moderation, and don’t put your health and brain at risk.


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